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Business Immigration Consulting

Business Immigration Consulting Services by WTS



WTS specializes in the field of immigration consulting, offering expert guidance to individuals, entrepreneurs, investors, and businesses embarking on the intricate journey of relocating or expanding their enterprises to foreign countries. Our mission is to facilitate the acquisition of essential visas, permits, and approvals required for various business-related immigration purposes.




Here are key highlights of WTS’s business immigration services:


Visa and Work Permit Services: WTS assists clients in obtaining the appropriate visas and permits tailored to their specific business objectives. This encompasses investor visas, entrepreneur visas, employment-based visas, work permits and more.


Business Planning: Collaborating closely with our clients, WTS often assists in crafting comprehensive business plans that align seamlessly with the immigration prerequisites of the destination country. These plans encompass crucial details such as business structure, investment amounts, job creation projections, and other relevant factors.


Bank account opening assistance: When you are setting up a new business entity, banking matters are one of the first few aspects that need to be taken into account. After understanding more about your business, our team of experts will advise on suitable banks that you may wish to consider. We possess in-depth knowledge of the diverse requirements and expectations of each bank.


Investment Immigration: Serbia offers investment immigration programs that allow individuals to obtain visas or permanent residency by making a financial investment in the country. WTS plays a pivotal role in identifying fitting investment opportunities and guiding clients through the application process.


Compliance and Regulations: Adherence to immigration laws and regulations in the destination country is crucial. WTS ensures that clients remain in strict compliance with all requirements and deadlines, ensuring the maintenance of their immigration status.


Due Diligence: WTS conducts thorough due diligence, ensuring that clients make well-informed decisions regarding their immigration options. This process often entails an assessment of the risks and benefits associated with various visa programs.


Documentation Assistance: WTS assists clients in gathering and preparing the necessary documentation for their immigration applications. This can include financial records, business plans, legal documents, and more.


Business Expansion: In addition to helping individuals, WTS may also assist businesses in expanding their operations to foreign markets. This can involve obtaining visas for employees, setting up subsidiaries or branches, and complying with local business regulations.


Citizenship and Permanent Residency: WTS may guide clients through the process of obtaining citizenship or permanent residency in Serbia upon fulfilling specific criteria.


Networking and Liaison: WTS possesses extensive networks and connections with government agencies, legal professionals, and other stakeholders, which prove invaluable in navigating the immigration process effectively.


Immigration Policy Updates: WTS stays informed about changes in immigration policies and regulations in Serbia and provides clients with up-to-date information and strategies.



At WTS, we maintain a dedicated team equipped to assist you in the establishment of one or multiple bank accounts.


Our professionals are at your service, aiding in the opening of commercial bank accounts at leading Serbian financial institutions while expediting the entire process..


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