You want to live in Europe? This is your chance » Welcome to Serbia

You want to live in Europe? This is your chance

A Slavic country with a rich history and more wonders than you could imagine. Serbia is diverse and offers a lot of things to do, see and discover.

It used to be known as a traditional emigrant country. These days Serbia is becoming more and more interesting to foreigners, which is why it has become an increasingly popular destination for immigration.

Like for the citizens of Nigeria, for example.


Relations between the Republic of Nigeria and the Republic of Serbia are at very high level. Diplomatic relations were established in 1960 and have been maintained with greater intensity ever since.  read more about obtaining residence permit in Serbia]


For the citizens of Nigeria, the convenience of doing business in Serbia brings several important parameters. The present position of the Republic of Serbia, which is in accession negotiations with the EU, brings the advantage of a large and developed European market, while the relations that traditionally exist with Russia and China leave these markets open to products and companies operating from the territory of Serbia.


The large and extensive infrastructure built in Serbia leaves a great opportunity for fast and cheap transportation to both eastern and western markets. As the central Balkan country and the largest exporter in the region, Serbia is ideal for further business development. [read more about foreign investments in Serbia]


The answer to the question if Serbia is a good place to live is not affected only by the level of living costs, but also by the feeling about what makes someone happy. For sure, one thing is certain – if you are looking for a country and people that would quickly accept you and welcome you whoever you are and wherever you are coming from, then it is definitely Serbia!

And why you should choose living in Serbia?

– Simple process for getting Residency
– Crazy affordable costs of living, monthly rent can be less than 300 EUR!
– You can have a meal in restaurant for only 5 EUR!
– Average cost of coffee is only 2 EUR!
– The most affordable Schools and Universities are in Serbia!
– Bus ticket is less than 1 EUR


What we believe inspires us who we are and what we do.

Payment procedure

  • Advance payment: 990 EUR
  • After company registration, payment in amount of 2,935 EUR
  • Bank account opening service: 2,935 EUR
  • Application for Residency Permit: 2,935 EUR

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