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“Lonely Planet” put Serbia on the prestigious list!

“When you move away from Belgrade, an ADVENTURE is expecting you”


“Lonely Planet “, one of the most popular tourist portals and publishers of tourist guides in the world, has put Serbia in the top 10 places to visit at 2020 year.



Serbia took the 6th place in this list, right after Azerbaijan, and after Indonesia, Hungary, India.

It was announced from the tourist organization of Serbia (TOS).

  • Serbia is an authentic, significant European state, which is slowly being investigated. Its capital, Belgrade, was one of the main crossroads of the continent for centuries-writes “Lonely Planet “.

The article said that today Belgrade has a daily culture of cafes and nighttime with the Danube.

  • And when you exit Belgrade, expect outdoor adventures, spas and Wineries, ancient monasteries and monolithic monuments from the Yugoslav era-writes “Lonely Planet “.


Don’t miss the chance to explore Serbia!



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