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Become invisible – The most demanded luxury

We can easily say that in 21st century nothing can be hidden.

People are obsessed with social media and the idea of exposing information about everyone and everything.

Today anonymity equals luxury.  

Although we post pictures and share moments from our life on social medias, sometimes we all want to disappear.

Maybe WTS team could realize this crazy thought and give you super power to become invisible!

As we strive to surprise our clients day by day, we realized that a certain amount of privacy is what a person really needs.

Just like all our products this offer is unique.

Believe us that WTS team will surprise you this time as well, we found- Visa Gift Card Anonymous.


You will admit that payments do not always make us happy.

A gift card allows you to buy whatever you want without fear of leaving a mark on you.

One of it’s super power is no need for bank account and it is perfect for purchases abroad where the conversion is done automatically.

It is 24 months up to the limit of 8300e.

You can use it in markets, restaurants, hotels, online payment, online shopping.

This one also has Cash Back capability, suitable for crypto transactions.

Buying a multi-card company speech allows you to spend money.

And yes, it is possible to become invisible – Card doesn’t have name on it, which also make her ideal for gifts.


 Instead of giving cash having a Visa Gift Card makes it more elegant way to surprise someone when giving money as a present.

We guarantee that you need this small miracle!

Wheter you are own the company who want to pay employees commissions, give birthday gifts, or you want for them to be able to spend money efficiently when business traveling.

You can use it for savings purposes where you can have the funds under control, you can give it to your children in order to control their payments.

  • This small miracle is ideal for:

–         Perfect as payroll cards

–         Online games and role plays

–         Online Casinos & Poker

–         Chatting, dating & adult content

–         shop online anonymously and safely

–         Perfect payment method for visits abroad and foreign travel

–         Use it as a pocket money account

–         Secure online shopping

–         Recommended by consumer advocates

–         Safer and more convenient than carrying cash

–         Pre-load your budgeted holiday spends

–         Great alternative to bank account

–         No age restriction for supplementary card holders

–         Employee card – direct payment of advances for travel expenses

Whether you are a businessman or just a man who wants to escape from the public, this is ideal for you.


Rely on Welcome to Serbia and enjoy your privacy with your Gift Visa card.



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