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More than 50 offers and 44 global companies have shown that they know what will happen to Serbia in 2040!

Yesterday, requests for the purchase of 20-year Serbian bonds arrived from 56 countries around the world!
Demand was three times higher than the 10-year bond offer and of course the record 20-year debt!

The government accepted 44 offers, and the Serbian bonds, which were to be trusted, given the longest maturity, eventually bought 44 investors – five banks and individuals each, 18 custodian clients and 16 other legal entities.

As lightning from the clear sky, information echoed that Serbia was selling bonds for 20 years.

Does this mean that investors around the world from the most powerful financial circles, believe that our country will be able to repay their invested money in 2040 is a question that arose when the Ministry of Finance announced the issue of Eurobonds worth 150 million euros.

International investors have confidence in Serbian bonds, that is, Serbia’s economy, which is why there is a lot of interest in Eurobond issues.

The Serbian Euro bond is denominated in Euros, which means that it is protected against any possible acceleration of inflation and does not depend on any changes in the exchange rate. It would be completely different if the bonds were in dinars, because then the risks would be higher, so it would probably be significantly more difficult to issue long-term bonds in dinars.

Serbia has previously issued bonds for a period of 10 and 15 years. The most recent example is the bond issue on the London Stock Exchange, with a ten-year maturity of 1.6 percent. The transaction of June last year involved 300 investors and demand was six times higher than supply.

New information is that the state will soon offer dinar bonds for a period of 12 years in the international securities market.

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