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Open Your Serbian Bank Account with WTS

How WTS can assist you in opening a bank account in Serbia



Serbia stands as one of the rare countries where non-residents have the opportunity to:


  • Open a personal or corporate bank account quickly and easily.
  • Opening a bank account does not require a substantial initial deposit.
  • Bank accounts can receive different currencies, such as EUR, USD, RUB, CNY, and RSD.
  • Bank account holders enjoy access to sophisticated banking apps and online banking facilities.
  • Banks apply low banking fees.



As of the current state, Serbia has not yet engaged in the automatic information exchange agreement (AIEA) under the OECD Convention on Common Reporting Standards (CRS).


In recent years, Serbia has observed a surge in applications for personal and business bank accounts from international investors. In fact, it has taken over a significant portion of banking business from other European countries such as Cyprus, Latvia, Estonia, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and other well-known international financial jurisdictions.


Serbia is not blacklisted in the European Union, which means there are not many restrictions when it comes to income-generating activities and transactions. Serbian financial institutions have an excellent reputation in the internal banking landscape, which is beneficial for account holders in their business transactions and multinational business ventures.


Prominent international banks from Europe and beyond currently dominate Serbia: NLB Komercijalna Banka (Slovenia), Banca Intesa (Italy), Unicredit (Italy), Erste (Austria), Raiffeisen Bank (Austria), OTP (Hungary), ProCredit Bank (Germany), and Mobi Bank (Czech Republic). Domestic banks include Adriatic Bank (ex-Expobank), Mirabank (UAE), Halkbank (Turkey), Bank of China (China), and Postal Savings Bank, AIK, Alta, and Srpska Banka.




With WTS, you can expect:


  • Ongoing assistance in the bank account opening process
  • An evaluation of your individual or corporate background
  • Preparation of required documents including a tailor-made company profile designed for banks
  • Arranging meetings with the relationship officer at your chosen bank
  • Full assistance during the application and interview process
  • Regular updates on the status of your application



Any financial advisor will emphasize that opening a bank account in Serbia is a prudent decision, particularly if you aim to strategically manage your finances, optimize cash flow, and leverage investment opportunities in Serbia and the wider European region.


When you seek our assistance in opening a bank account in Serbia, we leverage our network within the banking sector to connect you with the most suitable bank and desk that align with your profile, KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements, and future transactions. Our team of specialists can assist you in setting up a bank account and completing the application on your behalf.



WTS Scope of Services
Package 1 – Starting from: 500 EUR Assessment and Consutation ·    Evaluation of Company Structure and Operations

·    Assessment of the Shareholder’s Background

·    Assessment of the Affiliated Company

·    1 hour of Consultation after assessment (online or in-person)

Package 2 – Starting from: 1.500 EUR Complete Assistance for Bank Account Opening The service includes:

Part 1

·    Assessment of Company Structure and Operations

·    Assessment of the Shareholder’s Background

·    Assessment of the Affiliated Company

·    Preliminary consultation with bankers about the company structure

·    List of banks accepting the structure of the company with its conditions

Part 2

·    Preparation of required documents, including a company profile tailored for banks

·    Coordination with the Relationship Officer before the account opening application meeting

·    Scheduling a meeting with the Relationship Officer

·    Comprehensive support during the bank account opening application and interview process

Part 3

·    Assistance in addressing Compliance-related Questions

·    Regular follow-up for Compliance approval

Once the account is approved and activated, WTS will assist the client in obtaining the Debit Card and Internet banking access .


WTS can further aid you in dealing with banks after opening a bank account in Serbia through our services such as Business Concierge (assistance in preparing adequate documentation for incoming and outgoing payments, cross-border payments, selecting the correct payment code, and so on) and our licensed accounting agency (assistance in case of account freezing by tax authorities, and so on and so forth).


For more details, please contact us by email.

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