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200.000 people in Serbia use some type of cryptocurrency; soon it will be possible to pay with them

200.000 people in Serbia use some type of cryptocurrency; soon it will be possible to pay with them.

Interest in owning cryptocurrency in our country has grown after it was recognized in Serbian legislation.

Namely, according to the Law on Digital Assets, which entered into force on June 29 this year, digital currencies are recognized as digital assets, ie as a digital record of value that can be digitally bought, sold, exchanged or transferred.

This put Serbia on the map of countries that recognize cryptocurrency as a thing.

The bonds of the Republic of Serbia are included in J. P Morgan index

The bonds of the Republic of Serbia are officially included today in J. P Morgan Emerging Market Government Bond Index (GBI-EM Global Diversified Index). The mentioned index includes government bonds denominated in local currency, which are regularly traded with fixed coupon rates, which foreign investors can easily access.

“This is a great success for our country and another confirmation of the value and quality of Serbian bonds on the world market. Index J. P Morgan is tracked by all serious professional investors in the world, which means that they will have Serbia on the radar for potential investments. We have worked hard on this in the past period and especially in the context of the development of the domestic capital market. Serbia today is a country that trusts the international investment environment,” Minister of Finance Sinisha Mali said.

Avoidance of double taxation treaty concluded with one more country

Minister of Foreign affairs Nikola Selaković exchanged notes with the ambassador of Japan Takahiko Katsumata today on the entry into force of an important contract.

It concerns a Treaty between Serbia and Japan on the elimination of double taxation in respect of taxes on income and the prevention of tax evasion.

Minister Selaković stated that by the exchange of notes on the entry into force of the Treaty on the elimination of double taxation an extremely important step was made in the further promotion of economic and investment cooperation, and the overall relationship with a friendly Japan.

Deal to set 15% tax on multinationals’ global profits has been reached

Leaders of the world’s biggest economies formally backed an ambitious plan to overhaul the way countries tax multinational companies in a bid to stem competition for the lowest rates.

The tax pact has two sweeping objectives. It intends first to halt the effort by multinational companies to shift profits into low-tax havens through a new global minimum tax of 15% for multinational companies. It also attempts to address the increasingly digital nature of international commerce by taxing companies, in part, on where they do business instead of where they book profits.

Signatory countries must also follow through by enacting domestic legislation to implement the new tax rules and by formally approving a multilateral convention, to be drafted by the OECD.

IT is the fastest growing branch in Serbia with 25 %

Director of the Office for IT and e-Government Mihailo Jovanovic presented today to participants from around the world at the Business Forum, which is being held as part of the gathering marking the anniversary of the Non-Aligned Movement, the successes that Serbia has achieved in the field of digitalization, a growing branch in our country.

Jovanovic said that the export of agriculture or the automotive industry is no longer in the first place, but the IT sector, and pointed out that in July this year alone, the export of the IT sector amounted to 171 million euros.

While Europe is shaken by the energy crisis, in Serbia both gas supply and prices are stable

On the eve of winter, the world is facing a serious lack of energy. In the European Union, the energy collapse was triggered by record gas prices, five times higher than at the beginning of
the summer. Brussels will seek a way out of the difficult energy situation on October 21 at the Union Summit. In our country, both supply and prices are stable. This was made possible by
the new gas pipeline "Balkan Stream" and a favorable gas agreement with the Russians. Gas is regularly delivered to our country by "Balkan Stream", and the "Banski dvor" warehouse is full. The authorities have confirmed that the citizens will have the old gas prices until the end of the heating season. The price is protected by a long-term agreement with the Russians, and negotiations are underway for the most favorable conditions and for deliveries in the next year.

Non-Aligned Movement marks 60th anniversary in Serbia

Over 500 delegates from more than 105 delegations gathered in Belgrade on Monday, to participate in a summit marking 60 years of the Non-Aligned Movement. Foreign ministers from various countries, including Azerbaijan, South Africa, India and Egypt attended the ceremony, which called for international cooperation amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The two-day summit marks the 60th anniversary of the first Non-Aligned Movement conference, which was also held in Belgrade in 1961, with 25 participating countries.