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The first clients to receive a 3-year residence permit

On August 4, 2023, new changes to the law on foreigners came into force, allowing you to obtain a residence permit for three years. As it seemed during all these years of our work – the law is one thing, the practice is quite another, and no one knew how the new changes would look in practice.


We decided to try with our dear clients, about whom you have already read


The clients bought a property in Zlatibor in 2021 and they have been living in Serbia for two years on a permanent basis, they have complied with all the rules according to the basis on which they received the residence permit and it is time to renew the residence permit for the second time.


We prepared all the documents and hoped for a good result. The inspector studied all the documents, talked to the lawyer and the clients and decided on the spot to approve the residence permit for three years, and in an hour and a half the clients had a sticker in their passport for 2026.


If you would like professional assistance in the process of obtaining a residence permit in Serbia contact us.


Nina Barudžija

Client Advisor

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