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Leskovac is the Most Attractive Small City for Investment! Serbia Tops the “Financial Times” List of the Best Investment Locations in Europe, Including Belgrade

The magazine fDi, a publication of the British “Financial Times”, in its “European Cities and Regions of the Future” list for 2024, ranked Belgrade in a high seventh place in the category of large European cities for human capital, while Leskovac took the first place as the most attractive small city for investors!



This list ranks the best investment locations in Europe, and Serbia stood out with several cities and regions that are among the best locations for investing. Thus, this year again, Belgrade found itself at the top in its category, and Leskovac is the winner in the category of smaller cities.



In addition to Belgrade and Leskovac, the prestigious British business magazine ranked Kragujevac in the category of medium-sized cities in eighth place for cost efficiency, and Šimanovci, Zrenjanin, and Subotica were also on the FT list.



Regarding Belgrade, fDi notes, in the Human Capital and Lifestyle group, the capital of Serbia took the seventh place because it stands out with a rich cultural scene, a high standard of living, and diverse educational opportunities, making it attractive to foreign experts and young talents.




First of all, the IT industry and the service industry were highlighted, and these results are confirmed by the large number of foreigners who came to live and work in Belgrade in the past few years.




Categories in which Belgrade is ranked


  • In the Cost Efficiency group, Belgrade took ninth place, as it offers competitive living and business costs compared to other European cities, which is attractive for companies seeking economical operations.
  • Belgrade took eighth place in the Business Environment group, given that it is known for a favorable business environment, simple administrative procedures, and support for foreign investors.


As stated in the explanation, the Government of Serbia has made significant efforts in recent years to simplify procedures for large and small enterprises, as well as entrepreneurs, which has enabled Belgrade to be on this list ahead of cities like Cologne and Glasgow.

The prestigious business magazine cites as significant advantages of Belgrade the quality of the workforce, namely a large number of highly educated people who have been working in global companies for years.


Belgrade has managed to gain a reputation as an excellent destination for investors looking for talented and specialized engineers.

In terms of infrastructure quality, Belgrade has well-developed infrastructure, especially in transportation and telecommunications, which facilitates business and the lives of its citizens.

It also has an exceptional geographical position since, as mentioned, it is located at the crossroads of routes between East and West, making it an ideal location for companies that want to operate in both regions’ markets.

The British magazine lists significant investors who are present, such as Microsoft, NCR, IBM, Rivian, Luxsoft, as well as significant investments in real estate and development like Belgrade Waterfront.





Leskovac attractive to investors


In the category of micro-cities for cost efficiency, Leskovac even took first place. As FT mentions, Leskovac stands out as the most cost-efficient micro European city of the future, making it extremely attractive for investors seeking economical operations.

Leskovac is known for its textile industry as it has developed infrastructure in that area, which attracts investors from this industry. It is expected that Leskovac will attract even more investors with the development of infrastructure and additional investments.


The “Financial Times” states that the city has a tradition in production and has a trained and qualified workforce ready for employment.

Leskovac is located in the southern part of Serbia and has good traffic connections with other parts of the country and the region, which facilitates product distribution and market access, and the largest investors operating in that city are Yura, Delphi/Aptiv Contract Services, Fush, Falke, and RIM Group.





Kragujevac in eighth place for cost efficiency


Kragujevac is ranked in the category of medium-sized cities in eighth place for cost efficiency. The city has favorable living and business costs, which is attractive to investors seeking economical operations.

Also, it has a rich industrial tradition and developed industrial infrastructure, making it attractive for investments in manufacturing and the automotive industry.

Kragujevac, as mentioned, also has highly educated workers thanks to the presence of the University in that city, which is important for companies looking for a qualified workforce.

Soon, the construction of the Innovation District will begin in Kragujevac, which, along with the Data Center, will contribute to the development of large IT and innovation companies in Kragujevac.


The city is located in the central part of Serbia, with good traffic connections with other parts of the country, which facilitates product distribution and market access, and the most significant investors are Stelliantis, Yanfeng, Wacker Neuson, Shenći Automotive, Puratos, MIND Group, and Oracle.






Šimanovci in the micro-city category in 4th place


In the micro-city category for cost efficiency, Šimanovci took fourth place, Zrenjanin fifth, and Subotica sixth place. These cities are known for their industrial infrastructure and tradition, making them attractive for various sector investments.

Regarding location, Šimanovci, Zrenjanin, and Subotica have favorable geographical positions, with good traffic connections, which facilitates market access and product distribution.

All three local governments provide support and incentives for investors, contributing to their attractiveness as investment destinations.


They have trained workforces, which is important for companies looking for qualified workers, and the most significant investors are Pećinci Robert Bosć, Coficab, Chemical Agrosava, Ivković Investment Group, CTP Sigma, Dr. Oekter, in Zrenjanin – Linglong Tire, Avalon, Ešex Europe, GLM, Novares, in Subotica – Continental, Boysen, Don Don, Pionir, and Andex.



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