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Residence Permit for Foreign Entrepreneurs

If you are a foreigner who wants to live and work in Serbia you must have Temporary residence.
For longer stays during which one engages in self-employment (for foreign citizens who intend to register as the entrepreneurs and employ in their own company), a suitable entry visa and a residence permit are required.
An entrepreneur is a physical person registered in the Business register agency for performing activities. The entrepreneur is registered as a form of the company by one physical person and it is set up to perform a business activity to make a profit.
Our team prepared frequently asked questions which could be helpful in making decision⬇
Who can apply?
An entrepreneur may be a foreigner, a person who does not have a residence
in Serbia. The process of registration at the SBRA (Serbian Business Register Agency) for
entrepreneurs is easy and cheap.
What are the requirements?
To set up an entrepreneur in the business registers agency you have to submit to Welcome to Serbia only the certified copy of your passport. The entrepreneurs do not have a contribution (share), an investment of their personal property for business purposes is not subject to registration at SBRA.
How many banks operate in Serbia?
There are many international banks operating in Serbia. Below you can find the list of the major banks that are currently here:
Western Europe: Banca Intesa, Unicredit, Erste, Raiffeisen bank, OTP. Russia:
Sberbank, VTB, Expobank. Turkey: Halkbank. UAE: Mirabank. China: Bank of China.
What is particularly attractive is that Serbia does not have CRS reporting,
meaning that this is one of the few places where privacy still exists.
Is double-entry bookkeeping obligatory?
An entrepreneur can keep his books on a single or double-entry bookkeeping system. Entrepreneurs who decided for double-entry bookkeeping are required to submit and publish publicly financial reports at SBRA. Entrepreneurs can identify and apply for lump-sum taxation, except in the cases listed in Article 40, paragraph 2 of the Individual Income Tax Law (e.g. trade activity, any activity with turnover higher than 6,000,000 RSD/ 51 EUR in 12 months).

Regardless of the industry, the lump can not be an entrepreneur in the VAT system.
Next blog is reserved for further questions such as:
  • Inclusion of Family Members
  • What are the requirements for permanent residents?
  • What are the requirements for becoming a Serbian citizen?
  • What are the Taxes on income (profit) and social contributions?
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