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Retirement in Serbia

Retirement in Serbia –

Welcome to Serbia is including a new program into its immigration service portfolio, which is intended for current and soon to be retired people from foreign countries.

The main reason for including this program is that our company has been faced with a great increase in interest for obtaining residency in Serbia.



As an absolute leader in providing this type of service, as well as every other legal and financial assistance to all who come to live in Serbia, Welcome to Serbia has started researching similar retirement programs in other countries such as Portugal, Spain, Costa Rica and other, and we came to the conclusion that Serbia has many significant advantages over its competition.

This is a program with specific target market, unique features, needs and requests. Because of this, providing a complex and quality service to all who plan to spend their retirement in Serbia is more than necessary.


What sets Serbia apart from its competitors is the optimal combination of a large number of factors and motives that guide people of this age in making very important decisions, such as where to spend their retirement days enjoying the fruits of their work and where they can get the best quality of life in relation to the resources at their disposal.

One of the most important factors for making such a decision is of a financial nature, because financial opportunities, such as the amount of pension and accumulated savings, directly determine the feasibility of living in one of the countries of their choice. This is also the main reason for moving from one country to another.

For example, for all who would like to reside in Europe, the important factors that must be met are climate characteristics, quality and cost of health care, as well as the total cost of living, because most countries in Europe are too expensive for retirees with limited financial resources.

Serbia is a non-EU country, which is a huge advantage for many people, a country that is very open to people from all parts of the world, a country that has excellent political and economic ties with a huge number of countries of the world as a result of membership in the Non-Aligned Movement, a country with perhaps the best geographical position in Europe and an extraordinary climate but most importantly, a country with by far the best indicator of quality of life in relation to available financial resources.


As we have already pointed out, one of the main factors for choosing Serbia for retirement is the cost of living. Serbia is one of the 4 least expensive countries in Europe, which at the same time has the best quality of life, including quality and price of medical care and real estate.
Other factors include ideal geographical position, great climatic conditions, personal security and friendly attitude towards foreigners.
It is also important to mention that Serbia has good, organic, extremely healthy and tasty food, which is almost impossible to find nowadays. Serbian cuisine is one of the leading cuisines in the world and foreigners, without exception, are delighted with our traditional food and beverages.


Belgrade is a cosmopolitan city with great history, culture and tradition, in which everyone can find something for themselves.

The greatest issue we have been confronted with is the lack of knowledge about Serbia and its history, tradition and way of life, as well as wrong perception of Serbia, which is the result of negative propaganda during the 90s.


We must emphasize that a lot of time has passed since then and that Serbia has made great strides in creating modern and advanced society combined with great economic potential and developed business infrastructure. Everyone who came to Serbia based on recommendation, or in other ways, was delighted and surprised by what Serbia has to offer, and the vast majority decided to stay and continue to live in Serbia. We notice that the interest in life in Serbia is growing rapidly because the information about the real situation and life in Serbia is spreading more and more, breaking unjustified prejudices and inaccurate information and propaganda of the 90s.


Welcome to Serbia is focused on providing full service and support (legal, financial, organizational and administrative) for all those who come to Serbia, including this target group. Everyone who chooses our company will get everything they need when moving and resolving legal and administrative issues, including finding suitable property, obtaining and extending their residency, legal assistance, assistance in opening bank accounts, obtaining loans, paying obligations to third parties, individuals and the state, assistance with contract preparation and their control, as well as professional support and advice on all issues that may arise while living in Serbia.
We know this because most of our associates have lived and worked abroad and know the complex needs that an individual or family has when moving to another country to exercise their rights under the law.

Our extensive experience in working with clients from more than 40 different countries around the world makes us a unique company in this field and a guarantee of success and peaceful sleep for all our clients. Our goal is to establish long-term and friendly relationships with the users of our services so that they are fully legally and administratively protected and have a full sense of security and belonging to the only family during their life in Serbia.


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