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Serbia – the New Russian Business Center – Part 1

Many (and perhaps the majority) of those who come from Russia to Serbia are thinking about starting their own business here. Serbia is an attractive destination. Business is always a risk, and a business started in a foreign land is a double or triple risk.

So, why start a business in Serbia?


Increasingly, Serbia is of interest to Russians and residents of CIS from the point of view of business. This is not surprising. 

Today many companies from Europe, Asia and the USA are present in Serbia. And they feel quite comfortable in this market. Quite a lot of foreigners invest their money in Serbia as an investment-attractive country with clear legislation and adequate rules. 


The country’s economy is developing, and this is, as you know, the best condition for developing your own business, so it is quite possible to start your own business in Serbia.

The geographical position and close ties with both Russia and Europe guarantee further economic development.


Free Trade Agreement signed between Serbia and the Russian Federation has strengthened mutually beneficial trade ties. At the moment, perhaps, every Russian has met with Serbian goods, in particular with food, and was able to appreciate their quality. The prospects for increasing the import of Serbian goods to Russia are really great, since almost every producer in Serbia is ready to increase production and improve quality in order to get to the Russian market.

Serbia provides business conditions suitable for both local and foreign entrepreneurs interested in expanding or developing their operations in a safe and appreciated environment. 


Great infrastructure, appreciated economic indicators, appealing tax structure, and support provided by the authorities in matters of business incentives make Serbia not only an attractive business destination but also a long-term partner for countries like Russia and many others.


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