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You are still thinking about living in Europe? This is your business chance

Serbia has significantly improved its ranking over the past year for ease of starting a business.

Low fees, low life cost, start-up community in great expand, nice and hospitable people, beautiful countryside.

The market is witnessing an increasing number of international companies which have chosen Serbia over, for instance, Slovakia, the Czech Republic or Bulgaria, which is quite encouraging.

Serbia is recognized as one of the fastest growing destinations when it comes to foreign tourists overall.

For example, more and more people from Nigeria are choosing Serbia to be their perfect place to start a business. Surely to start a business, besides abroad, it seems unthinkable, but the motivation and desire to drastically change something in your life will do the work.

If you want to start a small or medium-sized business, there are many reasons why you should do it in an urban environment where many people live. These people are your potential customers or clients.

However, not all businesses are equally successful, so we give suggestions on which jobs to consider as an option for your start-up if you live in a big city.

With a lot of effort and engagement, each of these jobs can become a stable source of revenue in the long run.

  • Catering service

Demand for catering services is increasing. In today’s chaotic life, people have too little free time, so they would rather choose to spend more time with their guests rather than spend it preparing food.

Catering in the modern hospitality industry started twenty years ago, and in Serbia in the last couple of years, serious companies are emerging in this industry.

  • Opening a restaurant

A restaurant is a good idea to start a business venture. Once you’ve built and gained confidence, the restaurant will attract guests without any hassle.

  • Beauty salon

The fact is that we live in a time where visual content is mass produced and consumed. Consequently, beauty plays a very big role in our lives. No wonder then that the desire and need of women, but also of men, for beauty is growing. There are more and more people who care about looking perfect.
Every entrepreneur knows that in order to succeed in business, it is necessary to be guided by the demand and needs of consumers, and not just by their own personal whims, affinities and desire to maximize profits. There is a need to think about how what we do solves the problems of potential customers. It is clear that beauty salons are the link between supply and demand in the field of beauty.

  • Rent a car agency

A car is a necessity in every major city today. When a tourist or a foreign businessman comes to visit a city, they have several options for transportation. They can use public transport, they can pay for taxi services, which can be quite expensive, so more and more people are opting to rent a car at a rental car agency. It all depends on the specific needs, but for anyone with a plan to kill higher mileage, renting a car is the most cost-effective option. In addition, the rent a car is the most flexible variant and provides the highest possible comfort. Because of all this, the rental car industry has been steadily increasing for many years, so the chances for a successful business are greater.·

  • IT Business

With the rapid development of new technologies, developers have become one of the most sought after and paid developers in the world over the last 20 years, not just in IT companies.

Developers have become indispensable in all branches of business because modern business is largely based on the use of computers, software and innovative technological solutions. This are only a few of many examples that we can give to you to consider.Association Welcome to Serbia   has a team of experienced, skilled and well-motivated professionals that will assist you in every step of the way.


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