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Operational efficiency

WTS operations consultants are can help clients improve the performance of their operations. Consultancy activities in this segment vary from advisory services to hands-on implementation support, for both primary functions (e.g. Sales, Marketing, Production, etc.) and secondary functions (e.g. Finance, HR, Supply Chain, ICT, Legal, etc.).

WTS operations consultants focus on improving the performance of all aspects that support the organization’s structure; including organization design, governance (across functions and departments), roles and responsibilities, and employee performance. Typical activities relate either to the implementation of organizational strategies, such as workforce optimization or the redesign of employee roles or are prompted by an event or crisis situation, such as a merger or a transition as part of a broader corporate restructuring effort.

From a functional perspective, our operations consulting aims at boosting the processes, ways of working and underlying systems across a broad range of areas, of which Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain, Sourcing & Procurement, Finance, and Research & Development are the largest areas in terms of size.

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