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Why Renting A Company Is Becoming A New Trend


The sharing economy concept became worldwide known through Uber and Airbnb. What if your needs are reaching beyond transportation or hospitality services, could you still use the benefits of this concept? What if your client requires official company registration and VAT number in order to do business with you, and you don’t have time or resources to establish a needed legal entity? Why not just rent a company!



Send Invoices and Receive Payments Without Having a Company


By renting a company, you enter into a partnership with Rented Company, in which Rented Company acts as a commission agent that takes care of payments and paperwork so you can focus completely on your work and customers.

You can send invoices from Rented Company, receive the payments from your customers, pay your subcontractors and suppliers and withdraw money to your bank account as compensation or secondary income.



What Are the Advantages of Rent-A-Company?


  • No Company Setup Fees & Monthly Costs

All regular costs, state fees, and corporate tax duties of the rented company are covered by us.

  • No Accounting

We manage accounting and paperwork so you can focus solely on your work and clients.

  • Increase in Profit

Increase your profit by allocating the time you saved with Rent-a-Company to improve existing or bring new projects and clients.

  • Significant Tax Reduction

Pay your subcontractors and suppliers or withdraw money from the rented company as compensation in order to reduce your taxable income.

  • Less paperwork and more time to work “in” your business. 

While renting a company does not completely eliminate all paperwork, it definitely reduces it, allocating more time to focus on work and clients.



Who Uses a Rent-A-Company?


Startups use Rent-a-Company

Entrepreneurs can kickstart or test ideas with Rent-a-Company before deciding on founding their own company thus avoiding high initial expenses.

Freelancers use Rent-a-Company

Freelancers, consultants, sole traders, agents, and other professionals working remotely use rented companies to simplify the payment process and significantly cut their business costs and taxes.

Businesses use Rent-a-Company

For companies, it’s easier to pay associates worldwide and receive invoices for their work through Rent-a-Company, which provides a simple and transparent process with all needed legal support.



What is Rented Company suitable for? 


Sell Your Hours

Send invoices to the clients for your working hours through your Rented Company.

Sell Your Products

Increase the trust of potential buyers by selling your products on behalf of your Rented Company.

Trade in Goods

Use your Rented Company for international trade in any type of goods.



Mark Babel, Software Developer

“Several times a month I need to send invoices for the programs that I create. More and more clients require an official company registration and VAT number to work with me. Many times I thought about opening my own company, but every time I understand that it is difficult and expensive. Opening a bank account today requires at least 3 months. In my situation, I have chosen to use a rental company.




What do you get by renting a company?


Our team of experts will help you run your business smoothly.

  • Director

An experienced Senior Manager with 20+ years of experience

  • Accountant

Professional bookkeeper takes care of accounting and reporting

  • Lawyer

The experienced lawyer ensures full compliance with all laws and requirements

  • Tax & VAT Expert

All tax issues will be covered thanks to the highly qualified specialist.

  • Allround Secretary

All tasks will be completed efficiently and on time with the multi-functional assistant.

  • Compliance Officer

Compliance specialists will protect the company from suspicious third parties.

  • 24/7 support in English, Russian, and Spanish



Rent-A-Company is a business model ideal for those who do not need or want to have their own company but only need some legal entity to invoice their clients and receive payments. 

Our team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring that your needs are fully understood while providing you with unrivaled service and expertise.

Please contact us for more information.

Email: sm@welcometoserbia.org, Mob:+ 381 60 1849 443 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram) 

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