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Main advantages of Serbia

1. Availability of High Quality Labour

  • 5 University centres across the country
  • Language Proficiency (Serbia was ranked 4th out of the 76 countries in Business English proficiency by BEI*. *Business English Index, Global English Corporation, 2012).

2. Competitive Operating Costs

  • According to EUROSTAT, Serbia has the lowest costs of electricity, gas, other fuels and landline telephony among 37 European states.
  • 200-400€/m2 (Average Building Cost)
  • Average salary 400 EUR.
  • Accountant services: minimum 600 euros / year. Depends on activity
  • Contributions for social insurance: 1200 euro / year
  • Rental of premises from 2400 euro / year

3. Customs Free Access to 1.1bn Consumers

  • EU: 506.8mn Consumers, 66% of Total Exports
  • Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus: 171.1mn Consumers, 5.9% of Total Exports
  • CEFTA: 20.1mn , Consumers, 18.6% of Total Exports
  • Turkey: 76.7mn Consumers, 1.9% of Total Exports
  • EFTA: 13.6mn Consumers, 0.9% of Total Exports
  • US: 321.4mn Consumers, 1.9% of Total Exports

4. Political and Economic Stability

  • Over the past 4 years Serbia took steps to further improve political and economic stability, since 2014, the Government of the Republic of Serbia has taken steps towards reducing the government debt, including greater fiscal responsibility, reform of the public administration,

5. Optimal Geographic Location

  • By Car: Highway from Budapest through Belgrade towards Sofia, Istanbul and Thessaloniki.
    Highway from Germany through Austria, Slovenia, Croatia to Belgrade
    New highway is being built to Montenegro.
  • By boat: Danube, a waterway connecting Western and Central European countries with the countries of South-Eastern and Eastern Europe.
  • By Plane: Nikola Tesla – Belgrade Airport – 20 minutes away from Belgrade downtown
    Montenegro < 45min
    Bucharest, Istanbul, Prague, Rome, Vienna, Zurich, Munich, Athens <1.5h
    Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Kiev, London, Paris, Amsterdam <2.5h
    Moscow, Dublin, Barcelona <3h
  • Close to seaside. Adriatic see is just 45 minutes far by plane.

6. No sanctions to Russian FederationChristian Orthodox country

7. Tourism

  • More than 50 spa and health resorts
  • 4 ski centres
  • Close to seaside. Adriatic see is just 35 minutes far by plane. Greek seaside is 1 hour flight.

8. Education:

  • Variety of international primary and secondary schools such as: British school, French school, Russian school, International school, American school with fees smaller than equal schools in the western world
  • University of Belgrade, founded in 1808 is in the top 300 Universities according to Shanghai ranking list

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