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What is the Company Taxation System?

1. Taxation of companies:

  • Corporate Tax 15 %
  • Dividend Tax 15%
  • Possible use of large double taxation agreements network with 54 countries
  • In case when representative office receives funds from the parent company – 0%

2. Personal taxes based on yearly worldwide income. (Data for 2015)

  • 0% for income bellow 18.000 EUR
  • 10% for income between 18.000 EUR and 53.000 EUR
  • 15% for more than 53.000 EUR
  • Deductions available up to 50% of taxes.
  • Possible use of large double taxation agreements network.
  • Tax declarations must be submitted in mid of May in the year following fiscal year.
  • No need to report personal accounts abroad
  • Not necessary to report controlling company abroad

3. Real Estate tax:

  1. Progressive and depending from location, usually not more than 0,4%.

4. Wealth tax: 0%

5. Inheritance and gift tax: 1,5% – 2,5%
Deductions available in case of family inheritance.

6. VAT: 20%

  • Many of big worldwide banking groups have recognized potential of Serbia. See list below:
  • Western Europe: Banca Intesa, Unicredit, Erste, Raiffeisen bank, Societe Generale
  • Turkey: Halkbank
  • Russia: Sberbank, VTB, Expobank
  • UAE: Mirabank,
  • USA: Addiko bank owed by US investment fund.
  • China: Bank of China

7. A special tax of 3-5% on income up to 50 000 euros for registered entrepreneurs.

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