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Your Journey To America Leads Through Serbia

One of the most common questions of our clients is related to our business motto.
What differentiates us from our colleagues, domestic and mostly foreign ones?

We prefer to say that our slogan is – loyalty, efficiency and hospitality.

Why loyalty?
Because without it, having a business partner loses its point, making the process of developing any project difficult.
Why hospitality?
Because our business premises are literally a home. Because we welcome and accompany you, and
while you are not with us, your business enjoys the same amount of hospitality.
And finally, why efficiency?
Not only that we set for ourselves deadlines that seem to be unfeasible at first, but we constantly
keep pace with the current circumstances.
Speed is very important in our business since everything changes overnight.

Without these three characteristics, without this slogan, we would not be what we are today.

Just as we say that a photographer does not sell photographs but memories, so we do not sell a residence permit but a “better tomorrow”.
It may sound strange to some people, but this “better tomorrow” is not just a piece of paper by
which you start your business life in Serbia; it is really an investment in your future.
We wrote about Serbia many times, about all its conveniences, possibilities and enviable
But we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t take a step further, if we didn’t make a connection between
some things.
For this very reason, we have prepared a “bridge for a better tomorrow”.
We have prepared a link that leads from Serbia to no less than to a different continent. We have
prepared for you a “bridge” that connects 2 different cultures.
The new service involves a combination of America and Europe.
Who is it for?
It is intended for the business world that works on expanding horizons, that does not stay in one
place and that has a vision. Operating on 2 continents, as of today, is possible with the assistance of the already well-known WTS team.
If you want a company in America and a residence in Serbia (or vice versa), believe us that it is
As a well-known business target, America still offers a lot of benefits when it comes to doing

business. If you combine the European way of doing business and living with American culture you get the ideal combination.

Be prepared, get ready, because a lot of benefits awaits you.

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