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6 Reasons why to set up a Brokerage Company in Serbia

If you want to organize a Brokerage Company that will deal with Global Online Trading, Forex, Investment Portfolio management, research and financial analysis in the area of investment, Serbia is the right destination for you.

We will enable you to register your Brokerage Company under very favorable conditions, obtain a license to hold financial instruments and monetary assets of your clients, all by the legislation of the Republic of Serbia, and what is most important with the full support of liberal and business-oriented banks in Serbia.

1. Banks – Liberal and business orientated

2. The simple procedure for registering JSC and obtaining a license

3. Low cost of setting up and running a business in Serbia

4. Payment of investment funds in different currencies

5. Direct access to global markets

6. Serbia adjusts local laws to become a member of Euroclear!

WTS Team will also provide you assistance in⬇

Full license: Deposit (opening accounts for clients), Asset Management, Advisory


By providing expert knowledge, support and service from Family Office along with other forms of support, the Welcome to Serbia team can help you every step of the way.

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Write us at online@welcometoserbia.org
We help you protect your funds.

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