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Business improvement is something that every entrepreneur/businessman is searching for.
But like everything in this world, improvement does not come so easily.

What sometimes can scare us is the fact that investment is mandatory in order to improve our business. But not only money investment, but ideas, time and a lot of effort; it is important to keep follow all global changes in order to adapt and make a best of it.

If you consider to develop your business outside the borders of your country, you might be on the right place. And if you are a modern business entrepreneur with crypto business oriented you will definitely not waste your time in Serbia.

As a jurisdiction, Serbia can be flexible enough to accept all types of activities.

Our business goals were to form a special team that is constantly working to implement any legal change related to virtual currencies. In doing so, we have provided our clients with security and all information needed for better operating in Serbian market.

People rarely know that there is a lot of ways to develop business in Serbia; One of the easiest paths would be Branch office.

The branch office is one of the more streamlined business structures a company has at its disposal when exploring the possibility of expanding its activities abroad.

There are many benefits to form a branch office in Serbia such as:

1. Greater Level of Control

A branch office is known as a dependent type of company, which means that its activities are entirely managed by the parent company in terms of the decision- making process. The branch does not have the status of a legal entity, and in legal transactions, it acts on behalf and for the account of the company. Due to this, the branch cannot become a subject of the suit, bankruptcy and liquidation.

2. Tax benefits

From a taxation point of view, a branch office is often a better choice when compared to a subsidiary company.

– Funds received on behalf of the main company are not subjected to taxation.

– The Branch of the foreign company has its tax number and is treated as a resident.

– Tax optimization and double taxation avoidance agreements with 64 countries.

– Funds received on behalf of the main company are not subjected to taxation.

3. Easy Bank Account Opening

According to the Law on Foreign Exchange Operations, the foreign companies’ branches are residents and they operate via their resident bank accounts in Serbia. After registering a Branch office in Serbia, bank calmly refers to the new structure as a resident and are ready to open it account immediately.

4. Residency in Serbia

A legal representative of the branch does not have to be Serbian resident and may apply for Serbian residency on this basis.

5. Cost-Effective Locations

Low maintenance costs from 100 EUR/month. Average salaries in Serbia ensure cost-effective operating costs. Currently, Estonia is considered the most convenient country for crypto business, but let us compare Serbia and Estonia and show you the advantages of crypto business in Serbia:

In addition to all the above advantages, we want to emphasize that after the procedure of forming a Serbian branch and opening 2 bank accounts,Welcome to Serbia offers the service of the Family Office. This means that we will not left you as soon as the service is provided, we will support you in all your further decisions.

In addition, we can also offer assistance in accounting services, which further facilitates your business decisions.  Unfortunately, current situation might not be perfect for expanding business in another country. Being that our motto is better way, we gave our best to solve this type of obstacle.

We advise our clients to consider the service of a nominee director. Although the entire service of forming a branch and opening bank accounts can be done remotely, obtaining e-banking requires the arrival of a legal representative (director) of the branch in Serbia. With nominee director you have opportunity to leave bureaucracy behind and dedicate your time completely in your business.

The price of forming the Serbian branch of your crypto company is 7900 euros.

The price includes:

1. choice of the most convenient bank, with preliminary information and confirmation from the accountant,

2. preparation of the POA, that needs to be signed and certified by the main company director,

3. preparation of the corporate documents for the branch,

4. engagement of the Attorney who will certify the corporate documents on the basis of the POA,

5. notary and registry expenses,

6. engagement of the Attorney and assistant in the process of the bank account opening,

7. registration in front of the Tax Administration,

8. two pages translation (POA) for included in the price (passports and proofs of address doesn’t have to be translated),

9. VAT included in the price.

For any additional information you can contact us via email or by calling +381600622942

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