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China approved group trips to Serbia for its citizens

The Minister of Tourism and Youth of Serbia, Husein Memic, stated that China has approved group tourist trips to Serbia for its citizens. A month before this decision, China published a list of the first 20 countries that did not include Serbia.


The approval decision was made after the visit of the Chinese delegation to Serbia and the International Tourism Fair held in Belgrade, where China was a partner. In addition to business meetings, the Chinese delegation also had meetings with government representatives. The fair was also visited by two large tour operators from China, one of which is in second place, and the other is in eighth place in that country.


Minister Memić pointed out that direct flights from Beijing to Belgrade and from Belgrade to Tianjin are a big advantage, and added: “We have a visa-free regime and we expect that this and the next year will be marked by the expansion of Chinese tourists, in the largest possible number in Serbia.” Memic concludes that the next step is the preparation of hoteliers, restaurateurs and others so that Chinese tourists take away only positive impressions from Serbia.




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