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Simplified procedure for admission into Serbian citizenship

A large number of foreigners who have moved to Serbia could soon be granted Serbian citizenship through a simplified procedure. What conditions exactly would be required to obtain the Serbian passport will be known after the amendments are adopted.



The following conditions are foreseen for those foreigners who have temporary residence in Serbia for at least one year:


➖ higher or secondary local  education diploma or a foreign diploma confirmed with the local authorities
➖ a person registered in the business registry agency (founder/director) or employed in a Serbian company,
➖ a declaration that he/she considers Serbia as his/her country



One of the key motives for changing legal solutions is to attract and retain highly qualified foreign nationals with certain skills and knowledge that could be considered as key for the development of the state economy. The initiative comes after the launch of the procedure for changing legal solutions, which will combine the processes of obtaining residence and work permit in a single procedure, in which foreign nationals will be able to obtain residence and work permit in Serbia at the same time.


Association “Welcome to Serbia” will help you not only in implementation, but also in proper formulation of your interests in the territory of Serbia, which will help you in coordination with competent state authorities in all segments of your presence. Our team of experts is ready to provide the basis for your long and peaceful stay in our country, and the first step in this regard is obtaining a residence permit.




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