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Serbia and Egypt develop cooperation

Serbia and Egypt have signed numerous agreements on cooperation in various fields. The most important document, which was signed during the visit of the Egyptian president to Belgrade last week, is the Declaration on Strategic Partnership. This declaration implies cooperation between the two countries in such areas as trade, safety and security, agriculture, as well as in the political coordination of bilateral and international issues. Some of the most interesting items announced are the following:


  1. Signing a free trade agreement
  2. The sale of cereals to Egypt
  3. Re-opening of the Belgrade-Cairo direct air route


The documents that were signed during the meeting are the following:


1. the Act on the abolition of visas for service, diplomatic and social passport holders
2. Memorandum of Understanding in the field of agriculture
3. Memorandum of Understanding between the Serbian Institute for Standardization and the Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality
4. Cooperation agreement between the Serbian Development Agency and the SEZ
5. Cooperation agreement in the field of higher education
6. Program of cooperation in the fields of culture and art
7. Cooperation agreement between the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization and the Museum of African Art
8. Memorandum of Understanding between the Film Center of Serbia and the Egyptian Film Center
9. Memorandum of Cooperation between the National Media Authority in Egypt and Radio and Television of Serbia
10. Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation in the Field of Environmental Protection

The cooperation announced and realized so far does not refer only to these areas, although they are quite varied and broad. The presidents also discussed the further improvement of economic cooperation, the opening of new joint ventures and the expansion of the range of products to be sold in Egypt from Serbia. As representatives of the states, they also exchanged views and attitudes regarding developments in the world, as well as common interests on a broader, global level.

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