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Export From Serbia to Russia is moving forward

Export From Serbia to Russia



The total rate of the export of goods from the Republic of Serbia is on the rise in comparison to the previous year. If we look at the data for the first six months of this year, we will notice that the total export from Serbia is thirty percent higher than the export in the same period of the last year. Under normal circumstances, it would be completely normal if the export of goods to Russia was also on the rise. However, if we take into consideration the current situation, this data can be carefully analyzed.


In March and April of this year, the export of goods to Russia was slow, given that the transport route that earlier included Ukraine had to be changed in order to include other countries. This led to the increase in the transport price and the extension of time needed for the transport to be completed but the impact on the export itself was not so noticeable. Very soon, the export rate reached the standard that was set last year, while in June of this year it increased by thirty percent in comparison to the June of the last year.


Experts point out that Russia is looking for alternative trading partners, given the increasingly severe sanctions of the European Union, as well as the fact that Serbia has a special place among them as it signed a free trade agreement with the Eurasian Union, where Russia is one of the most important partners.


Therefore, the export from our country to Russia is moving forward and the only sphere, in terms of export, where we can sense the military action impact is the price of the transport of goods to the Russian Federation, which is currently three times higher than the pre-war price. Apart from the fact that the route has become significantly longer, the price growth is also affected by the increased risk, as well as the increase in the fuel price.

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