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Yandex is opening a development center in Serbia and hiring more than 800 IT experts

The Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabich, spoke with the delegation of Yandex, one of the largest IT companies in Russia, led by the head of the department for international policy Maksim Kozlov.
Representatives of the Yandex company announced the opening of a development center in Serbia, while the Government of Serbia announced the hiring of more than 800 IT experts who will work within this company. Given that the company Yandex, in addition to creating software, also works in the field of IT education, it was agreed to continue the conversation and improve cooperation in that area.


The President of the Government of Serbia pointed out in the conversation that the Government of Serbia is ready to provide help and support to global IT companies that open research centers in Serbia and employ IT experts from all over the world.
Brnabich also added: “After the opening of the development center and representative office of the global company Luxoft, the announcement of the opening of the Yandex development center and the employment of international IT experts is a strong support for our economic growth and the creation of additional value.”



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