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Steps towards change in Serbia

In five years, you will think about blockchain as you now think about your mobile phones and the internet, for which we now say we cannot understand living without them” – said Keynes, adding that Serbia has the opportunity to be a leader in process of implementing digital currencies.

For Serbian citizens and all those tied to Serbian market, Xcalibra is very important step toward new global currency. The reason – cryptocurrencies can be traded now in RSD via mentioned digital platform.

Regarding this, Xcalibra presentation was recently held in Belgrade where we found out that it already has registered people from all over the world, and the top three destinations are the USA, England and Australia.

Why did Serbian dinar suddenly get this opportunity? Mr Keynes says he was attracted by the state support for digitization and incredible development of the community.

In addition to free registration, it allows several times less costs for those interested in trade. Cryptocurrency will be bought through the exchange points while buyers and sellers will be connected directly.

For Serbia and its people who wants to go beyond limitations, this is a great support. Not only for trading but for the fact that till now any good feedback was lost somewhere between politics and economy, but this time the news and support went past the tedious rule.

Few days ago, one more step was made. Although National Bank of Serbia doesn’t hurry with any kind of promise, cryptocurrency has been finally defined.

There is much yet to be done before most of us except the global financial revolution but the progress may be continued only by letting go of preconceptions and providing the true knowledge.

That is exactly what we as Association Welcome to Serbia are doing – trying to inform clients and to provide services right on time. We follow each change on Serbian market and not only, we align our products with those changes. Things are getting exciting for us for the benefits of Serbian market are more certain this time.

We have formed a special team that is constantly working to implement any legal change related to virtual currencies. In doing so, we have provided our clients with security and all information needed for better operating on Serbian market.

One of the most interesting things which you will learn about WTS team is that we are always searching for the next best thing. 

By providing expert knowledge, support and service from Family Office along with other forms of support, the Welcome to Serbia team can help you every step of the way.


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