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You are all welcome here!

Serbia can boast of many successful women, not only in the present, but if we look into the past, we will see how many reasons we have to be proud of our women.

Today, situation is pretty much same. We still have strong and successful women who have accomplished many things through their work.

Serbia is a country that gives importance to education and personal development. One of the things that really amazes tourists is that foreign languages ​​are spoken well in Serbia.

Parents direct their children to go to college, whether in Serbia or abroad. They do their best to make an entrepreneurial spirit in their children. This type of parenting cannot surprise us today when we look around and realize that Serbia has a large number of women entrepreneurs.

Although it is very popular today to talk about gender equality, women in Serbia do not look back on these topics. They are moving forward, and they are focused on entrepreneurial things. Not only do we want to emphasize how much our women do not spend energy on mentioned things, but we must also acknowledge our men who absolutely do not pay attention to the gender of their colleague.

Unfortunately, this kind of thing is not talked about publicly, but Serbia is indeed a country where women rarely face unpleasant scenes in business. The situation is far better when it comes to the entrepreneurial story.

The state supports all women entrepreneurs. Many banks provide loans to encourage the growth and development of businesses! Also, very important thing is that it is absolutely irrelevant at what age you are, you will always come across an open door here.

Serbia has its own Association of Businesswomen through which anyone can get informed and get guidance on their business. It is also interesting that, according to a regional survey conducted, it is precisely Serbian entrepreneurs who are most willing to share their knowledge through mentoring, and that they do not expect any compensation for this.

This means that you will have opportunity to learn from the best for free!

Another Association that will assist in your every business purpose is Welcome to Serbia. If you are interested in starting a business, come to us. We will give you the strength to accomplish your goals. We are here for you from the smallest details to all the tedious bureaucracy, paperwork and accounting.

Believe us when we say that you are always welcome.

Trust in our expert team.

Finally, here’s a fun fact – Our team has more female members. If that does not convince you, contact us and schedule a 1 on 1 consultation.

Take advantage of all the positive sides of Serbia with our assistance. Whether you are starting a business or you need a solution, here we are!


Welcome to Serbia!



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