If Crypto let you down, WElcome to Serbia will not » Welcome to Serbia

If Crypto let you down, WElcome to Serbia will not

Stability that already brings new opportunities for cooperation with us

Since the start of this year, bitcoin has jumped 170 percent.
Its rise has also contributed to the rise in prices of other digital coins, such as Ethereum, whose value has more than doubled this year. The most famous digital coin has pulled up other crypto tokens, but also returned public interest in bitcoin.

It is already quite clear that among other factors, a new currency attached to these values. it has been a while since the public’s focus is on Libra as a financial instrument. The mentioned currency had a positive impact on the value growth of most cryptocurrencies (the digital currency market exceeded $ 330 billion). Libra has been in focus of global markets more than it was expected. Financial experts for trading with cryptocurrencies think that Libra is going to be the first “initiator” of a major “battle” in the legislative field. And not only, according to many, it is possible to expect big steps towards accepting crypto in 2020, starting from retail financial institutions to some central banks of economically more developed countries.

Meanwhile the citizens of Serbia are turning more and more into modern miners.
Demand for mining equipment in Serbia has more than doubled compared to the previous year. Adding to this, Belgrade also received its first two-way bitcoin ATM at which citizens can buy and sell the currency and the offer of specialized graphics cards for cryptocurrency mining can be found in all domestic IT stores.

The increasing popularity of bitcoin, as well as its growing exchange rate, has caused large companies to enter this tendency on Serbian market too.

Keeping up with mentioned tendency, our team is launching projects for digital users on a weekly basis. We give all our clients freedom to do business through the most comfortable option by enabling them to use digital currencies when ordering any of our product, starting from setting up companies to purchasing real estate.

Serbia is a market of opportunities and this must be in correlation with new movement on global market.

One of the new movements in Serbia is Association Welcome to Serbia!

If you are a modern businessman who accepts new trends such as crypto currency, we will Welcome you as well – check our e-shop page and make a payment like a 21st  century man!

What we believe inspires us who we are and what we do!

Association Welcome to Serbia guarantees high professionalism, experienced consultants, commitment and value-creating solutions for you.

If you would like to know more about our Mission and Values, and what can we offer to you,

please contact us on number +381 60 184 9443

or send us an email on online@welcometoserbia.org.


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