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Welcome to Serbia – Backstage experience

Scene number 1.

If you are starting a new business venture or if you are developing and expanding existing business, you are faced with many challenges.

Tons of paperwork, legal requirements, choosing a bank and bank account opening, taxation system, accounting and many other issues arise almost immediately.

When your business is international, with every border you cross, challenges multiply.

Association Welcome to Serbia recognises all of these obstacles and is dedicated to solve any problem that the modern world of business can put in your way.


Scene number 2.

First thing you will need to know is, in what of many forms of legal entities should you organise your company. We can help with that. Optimisation of business can be done even through simple traditional structures such is Limited Liability Company with careful tax planning and support in banking, or through complex solutions for clients that want complete asset and privacy protection.

We recommend best form of company in accordance with lоcal and international laws and regulations. Having in mind all aspects of your future or existing business we choose an optimal solution for you.

We are aware that in an ever changing world of modern banking, even opening of bank accounts can seem like mission impossible.

In other cases, even if your company has a bank account opened, constantly changing banking regulations and pressure from ECB in European jurisdictions, can have as a consequence closure of your account. Unexpected turmoil in the banking sector, such is closure of major banks, can also lead to blocking of funds and shoot down of accounts. 

When faced with all of these obstacles, it may seem that you are all alone against everyone else.

Government, banks, tax authorities… It may seem like all of them are there to make your business slower and less efficient. It may seem almost too complicated sometimes to do a simple task like opening of personal bank account.

Having in mind all of that, Association Welcome to Serbia, constantly adapts to new challenges and keeps up with all the changes.


Scene number 3 – Happy end

We are thinking ahead, and provide for our clients not only solutions for problems that arise in certain moments of business development, but also in the future.

Our goal is not only to provide services, but to offer long term solutions, based on international experience of our experts and possibilities that Serbia as a jurisdiction has to offer.

Family Office service we provide for our clients is the essence of our way of thinking and is developed as one stop shop that can offer solutions for complex structures but also for individuals that are planning on relocating to Serbia.

Our approach is simple, we listen to the needs of our clients and put all our effort in finding optimal and tailor made solution.

Loyalty, confidentiality and team efforts in finding answer to any question are milestones of our work.

Even when it seems that everyone else is against you, Association Welcome to Serbia is on your side!

This program contains a lot of positive vibes, getting in touch with WTS team will damage all your problems and make them disappear.




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