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Guide to Doing Business in Serbia✔

Do you want to start a profitable business in Serbia as a foreigner?
Over the past years, Serbia has been experiencing a steady economic growth and an increasing level of foreign direct investments.

There has been a noticeable progress in the overall business environment, additionally influenced by maintaining the stability of both the exchange rate and the inflation.
The major contributors to the economy of Serbia are the Construction Industry, the Mining Industry, the textile industry, the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the automobile industry, the food processing industry and the agriculture sector.

First important thing is that the economy of Serbia liberal and enjoys loads of foreign investors.
Second important thing is that, actually you don’t need a guide to doing business in Serbia!
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You can find us in the most beautiful part of Belgrade – Dorćol.  Finding our office, will be easy, since the Dorcol is one of the 10 coolest neighbourhoods in Europe!

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By providing expert knowledge, support and Family Office service along with other forms of support, Welcome to Serbia team can help you every step of the way.
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What is the “Serbian Green Card Lottery”?

🎁Win Serbian Residency and Company formation!🎄
Terms of the Lottery are:


Requirement #1: The visa lottery countries

Not all countries are eligible for the Serbian Green Card Lottery.

In 2020, on the prohibited list is:

  • Afghanistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka

Requirement #2: School or work experience.

An applicant must also meet the second requirement. This can be done in one of two ways.

  • Graduated from high school. You must have at least a high school education or its equivalent. This means you must have successfully completed a 12-year course of formal elementary and secondary education
  • OR two years work experience. You must have two years of work experience within the past five years, in an occupation that requires at least two years of training or experience to perform.

Requirement #3: Admissibility

Additionally, an applicant must be admissible to the Serbia – categories of inadmissibility to the Serbia broadly include terrorism connections.

Generally speaking, to be admissible, an applicant must not be inadmissible. The main categories of inadmissibility include health, criminal activity, national security, public charge, lack of labor certification, fraud and misrepresentation, prior removals, unlawful presence in the Serbia, and several miscellaneous categories.

Apply here: https://welcometoserbia.org/en/serbian-green-card-lottery/

Application for Giveaway lasts until January 19th, 2020.

The winner will be chosen on February 1st, 2020.

We will be announcing the Winner on February 2nd, 2020. on our Web site, Facebook and Instagram, so make sure you are following us.

By providing expert knowledge, support and service from Family Office along with other forms of support, the Welcome to Serbia team can help you every step of the way.


Welcome to Serbia – Backstage experience

Scene number 1.

If you are starting a new business venture or if you are developing and expanding existing business, you are faced with many challenges.

Tons of paperwork, legal requirements, choosing a bank and bank account opening, taxation system, accounting and many other issues arise almost immediately.

When your business is international, with every border you cross, challenges multiply.

Association Welcome to Serbia recognises all of these obstacles and is dedicated to solve any problem that the modern world of business can put in your way.


Scene number 2.

First thing you will need to know is, in what of many forms of legal entities should you organise your company. We can help with that. Optimisation of business can be done even through simple traditional structures such is Limited Liability Company with careful tax planning and support in banking, or through complex solutions for clients that want complete asset and privacy protection.

We recommend best form of company in accordance with lоcal and international laws and regulations. Having in mind all aspects of your future or existing business we choose an optimal solution for you.

We are aware that in an ever changing world of modern banking, even opening of bank accounts can seem like mission impossible.

In other cases, even if your company has a bank account opened, constantly changing banking regulations and pressure from ECB in European jurisdictions, can have as a consequence closure of your account. Unexpected turmoil in the banking sector, such is closure of major banks, can also lead to blocking of funds and shoot down of accounts. 

When faced with all of these obstacles, it may seem that you are all alone against everyone else.

Government, banks, tax authorities… It may seem like all of them are there to make your business slower and less efficient. It may seem almost too complicated sometimes to do a simple task like opening of personal bank account.

Having in mind all of that, Association Welcome to Serbia, constantly adapts to new challenges and keeps up with all the changes.


Scene number 3 – Happy end

We are thinking ahead, and provide for our clients not only solutions for problems that arise in certain moments of business development, but also in the future.

Our goal is not only to provide services, but to offer long term solutions, based on international experience of our experts and possibilities that Serbia as a jurisdiction has to offer.

Family Office service we provide for our clients is the essence of our way of thinking and is developed as one stop shop that can offer solutions for complex structures but also for individuals that are planning on relocating to Serbia.

Our approach is simple, we listen to the needs of our clients and put all our effort in finding optimal and tailor made solution.

Loyalty, confidentiality and team efforts in finding answer to any question are milestones of our work.

Even when it seems that everyone else is against you, Association Welcome to Serbia is on your side!

This program contains a lot of positive vibes, getting in touch with WTS team will damage all your problems and make them disappear.




“Lonely Planet” put Serbia on the prestigious list!

“When you move away from Belgrade, an ADVENTURE is expecting you”


“Lonely Planet “, one of the most popular tourist portals and publishers of tourist guides in the world, has put Serbia in the top 10 places to visit at 2020 year.



Serbia took the 6th place in this list, right after Azerbaijan, and after Indonesia, Hungary, India.

It was announced from the tourist organization of Serbia (TOS).

  • Serbia is an authentic, significant European state, which is slowly being investigated. Its capital, Belgrade, was one of the main crossroads of the continent for centuries-writes “Lonely Planet “.

The article said that today Belgrade has a daily culture of cafes and nighttime with the Danube.

  • And when you exit Belgrade, expect outdoor adventures, spas and Wineries, ancient monasteries and monolithic monuments from the Yugoslav era-writes “Lonely Planet “.


Don’t miss the chance to explore Serbia!



Western Serbia: Valjevo, Ćelije, Lelić, Brankovina

For our team building trip we chose something special. We made plans for days, and finally we left Belgrade and hit the road. After 200 km drive, we were supposed to arrive in Central Serbia, in the canyon of the river Zapadna Morava, famously beautiful part of Serbia.

Instead, couple of hours later, we found ourselves stuck in traffic jam and we hardly left Belgrade area.

Fortunately for us, in Serbia, natural beauty is always just around the corner, so we simply changed course and headed west, in the direction of nearby city of Valjevo, heart of Western Serbia and my home city.

Only 90 km from Serbia’s capital Belgrade, Valjevo is situated on the banks of four rivers, one of which is Gradac river, one of the cleanest rivers in Europe.

City of Valjevo has a long and rich history and the first mention of its name date back to the year 1393.

History of the city is visible from the first step, since it has two historic and preserved pedestrian zones, one, called Tesnjar, in the Oriental style, with small workshops and taverns, and the other in 19tH century European style.

After short rest and visit to the museum, we left Valjevo and headed to Ćelije Monastery. Dedicated to Saint Archangels Michael and Gabriel, Monastery was founded in 13th century and reconstructed in 18th century.

Nowadays, nuns living here operate the unique icon-painting school in traditional techniques of artistic style also successfully running publishing activities.

We were fortunate enough to meet one of them, and wise and kind words that she shared with us echoed loudly in our minds long after we left valley where this holly and quiet place is almost hidden from the world.

Monastery Lelić, that we visited next, truly left us all in awe.

Different in architectural style from the Ćelije Monastery, but still very similar in a sense that from the moment we passed the ornate gates, we found ourselves shrouded in peace. After hot and busy streets of Belgrade, this place seemed almost surreal.

Lelić Monastery is probably the most important of the new monasteries in Serbia. It is located in the village of Lelić, and it is the endowment of the bishop Nikolaj Velimirović, probably the most influential bishop of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Old Lelić church become Monastery in 1996, 40 years after the death of its benefactor bishop Nikolaj, and 5 years after his remains were transported back from America, where he spent part of his life.

In the monastery there is a museum devoted to Nikolaj Velimirovic, and in there is an active workshop with iconographers and engravers.

The painting of Monastery walls were made according to the ideas of Nikolai Velimirovic, and the central scene is the scene of the Judgement Day.

Bishop Nikolaj claimed that his native village, Lelić, was “the village of God” and on the tombstone of Nikolaj’s father, Dragomir, it was written that he was born in “the God’s village of Lelić”.

And whomever visits this sacred place even once, will most definitely agree with that statement. Our little group where no exception.

Final stop before heading back was Brankovina, small but in Serbia very famous village, situated 11 km north of Valjevo.

Brankovina is unique in its beauty and cultural and historic importance for Serbian people, and also very dear to me personally, as it is place where I grew up.

In the center of the village there is a memorial and museum complex dedicated to the famous Nenadović family, library and old memorial school dedicated to one of the greatest Serbian poets Desanka Maksimović as well as Orthodox church dedicated to Holy Archangels.

We arrived very late, so all museum buildings were closed for the day, but we had a fortune to meet local priest Father Dusan, whose long and detailed story about history of the place took us back in time.

It was of no importance that we didn’t get to see all the artefacts. Standing in that quiet place, in sunset, surrounded by ancient trees, even older gravestones and listening to the story of an old and kind priest, we where transported back, more than 200 years in the past. In the times when Serbia, led by Prota Mateja Nenadovic, his brothers Aleksa and Jakov Nenadovic and many others fought a war for freedom and independence of Serbia, after 500 years of being ruled by powerful Ottoman Empire.

Nenadovic family members were leaders of that uprising and in later years shaped the history of Serbian people.

That is the reason, Father Dusan said, he likes to greet people who come here, and tell them stories. Stories he heard from others, that lived here before him.

History of this place is far too important to ever be forgotten and should be shared with others and preserved in memory of Serbian people.

And we couldn’t agree more.

We left for Belgrade with the felling that this day was very well spent and with a promise to come back very soon. After all, we have yet to see and discover so much more of what Western Serbia has to offer.


Radmila Novakovic, LL.B




























Eastern Serbia

Regardless of all the knowledge about the importance of teamwork, about the fact that it is reflected in the success and quality of business, in modern companies, unfortunately, there were never less time dedicated to build a team spirit as nowadays.

Our team understands the importance of this concept and for that reason decided to give itself a day of joint discovery of a completely new atmosphere away from usual working environment. We dedicated one special day to the beauty of Eastern Serbia

The 1.30h trip from Belgrade to the East brings us to the Danube river which also makes the border between Serbia and Romania. Wide as the sea, in its full force, silver, silent and powerful – the Danube, remains same, just as in the time of Byzantium, the Turks and even the Neolithic times.


The Danube has always represented the power, trade road, strategic place of defence, and the source of life in this part of Europe.

It keeps on its way a certain evidence and feature from each historically important epoch.


Lonely Byzantine princess, Golubac fortress, has been defying centuries. Numerous conquerors tried to keep it but this beauty belonged only to the Danube. The truth about it’s master stays unveiled for we cannot understand the language of the river.



Hypnotized by the healing atmosphere around, we moved further to the nearest monastery named Tumane, situated only 12km from the Danube, surrounded by wood, in quiet environment interrupted only by magical bird song.


The monastery was built by Serbian knight Milos Obilic, in the 14th century just before the battle of Kosovo and was dedicated to St. Zosim who lived and died in the forest next to it. Very interesting legends are connected to this place but what is more important is the large number of miracles and healing that happens here.


After lunch in an excellent restaurant by the river, we continued our trip to important archaeological site from the Neolithic age – Lepenski Vir.


It represents an amazing archaeological discovery chronologically related to Mesolithic. What an amazing feeling is to be a guest in one of the oldest and most important habitat complexes of pre-history!


Here you can walk next to settlements with habitants, necropolises indicating special burial rituals, monumental sculptures and many more which keeps it in focus of national and international scientific communities.

It was a sunset when we left the museum and the river was still and quiet. As the sun went down the hill, we headed back to Belgrade. One more photo of a silent giant, no words, only the feeling of calmness. We were so grateful for all we saw that day and yet,


we all asked the same question: Is it possible to leave the world of good connection and comfort and replace it with quiet life deep in the nature? It seams we cannot succeed, but maybe it is just an illusion which comes from artificial environment … what if we can discover our perseverance and readiness only when the wild nature does not except compromises, where it is untouched and strong just like in the time of our ancestors.

About one thing I’m 100% sure, our team has become even more connected thanks to this experience and will continue to build its collective spirit in the name of human’s most important purpose.